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Logo rationale:

A hexagonal nut (in red) representing a geometric perfection. The nut has been a functional device that has stayed at the core of mankind's engineering adventures. In spite of modern technologies coming in, it still remains unarguably a symbol of technology and all that holds it together. Locked into the nut is a spanner (in white), the turning force for the symbol of technology. The two pictorial elements are configured together to form an 'E', a pneumonic for Escorts.

A doctrine of corporate and engineering openness, the Escorts logo allows an aisle, a pathway through which new ideas can walk in any time freely, giving Escorts the character to listen and absorb new and fresh thoughts.

The symbol with its three meanings makes a rebus or visual pun and is rendered in red, the color of energy and dynamism. Every time it is used, it represents the Escorts seal of quality and excellence.



Agri Machinery ManufacturerThe catalyst for the next wave of farm mechanization has brought about two large customer centric initiatives to the fore at Escorts – New Products and variants that are aligned with changing and emerging applications & end usages and the shift of Escorts from being a standalone tractor manufacturer to being a complete 'Farm Solution' provider.


The Escorts Jai Kisan Series recognizes the new market order for varied needs of the Indian farmer, changing tractor uses for specialized applications and usage of modern and heavy-duty implements & attachments, thereby offering wider options for agricultural, infrastructure as well as specialized applications for land development activities.


The Jai Kisan Series comes in five new categories – ValueMaxx, LoadMaxx, AgMaxx, InfraMaxx and SuperMaxx. While the VALUEMAXX is the variant for basic agricultural purposes, the LOADMAXX and AGMAXX variants specialize in haulage-based applications and specialized Agri-applications respectively. The SUPERMAXX series is ideal for all types of agriculture and non-farming purposes besides offering add-on applications for dual needs whereas, the INFRAMXX variant would specialize in infrastructure-based applications. The 'Jai Kisan Series is currently available in the FARMTRAC line of Escorts tractors.

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