Friction & Rubber Products

(CBB for Passenger Coach & EMU) Composite Brake Blocks and Pads for Indian railways and export markets. The raw materials are sourced from prime manufactures/mines to ensure proper quality. The mixers are PLC controlled to avoid any human error. High performance presses and program controlled furnaces with graphic print outs ensure highest standard. Escorts has fully equipped labs for complete testing of raw materials and finished products. All tests are conducted as per international Standards like UIC - 541 or ORE-B 126 and BS-AV-142. Process checking for coefficient of friction is conducted on Krauss Friction Tester. Full scale dynamometer testing is conducted on the products on a regular basis.


  • Passenger Cars
  • EMUs
  • Locomotives
  • Freight Cars

Rubber products

Silent Blocks

  • Silent block for
    anchor link

  • Silent block for
    shock absorber

  • Silent block for
    coupler application

  • Silent Block for
    center Pivot Coaches


  • Silent blocks are widely used to minimize the load bearing problem in vibrating and oscillating systems.
  • Also, these blocks find application in linkages in various types of Railway suspensions, Railway Carriages, Couplers and Center Pivot etc.

Loco Rubber Side Bearer Pad

Pick and Carry Cranes
  • Diesel and Electric Locomotives

Elastomeric Pad for Freight Wagon

Pick and Carry Cranes
  • CASNUB Bogie – 22W, 22W (M), 22NL, 22NLB, 22HS & LCCF 20 (c)


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