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Escorts has played a pivotal role in the agricultural growth of India for over six decades. Having pioneered farm mechanization in the country, we have been developing solutions to enhance agricultural productivity and improve quality of life in rural India. Taking a step forward, the company launched the 'Jai Kisan' initiative, a unifying platform to empower the Indian farmer and to make him self-reliant.


The fact that the farm mechanization is the key vector for enhancement of farm productivity and in many respects the catalyst for the next wave of farm mechanization has brought about two large customer centric initiatives to the fore at Escorts – New Products and variants that are aligned with changing and emerging applications & end usages and the shift of Escorts from being a standalone tractor manufacturer to being a complete 'Farm Solution' provider.


Escorts is laying greater emphasis on improvement, innovation and effective execution of its offerings. We are constantly evolving and creating new products to suit market demands. We are closely monitoring the quality of our products and re-gearing our strategies which are both customer and market focused. The launch of tractors fitted with 4 - Cylinder engines that are around 15% more fuel efficient than most other tractors in the market, or the entry segment tractor (Powertrac 429) to cater to the aspirations of small farmers and first time buyers, or the 'XTRA Torque' series of tractors that are meant specially for the emerging trends of using 'rotary' implements, or India's first-ever INVERTER TRACTOR – have been all case in points where the farmers' 'cost of ownership', his overall operating economics and his need for enhancing productivity have been supreme considerations for Escorts.


Recognizing the various and hugely differentiated needs of today's Indian farmer, Escorts has further unveiled its new 'Jai Kisan Series' of tractors. The 'Escorts Jai Kisan Series' focuses on maximizing farmer productivity by providing differentiated products that are well suited to agricultural, haulage, infrastructure as well as specialized applications. The new 'Escorts Jai Kisan Series' is a path breaking initiative that recognizes the market order for new & varied needs of the Indian farmer, changing tractor usage for specialized applications and usage of modern and heavy-duty implements & attachments, thereby offering wider options for agricultural, infrastructure as well as specialized applications for land development activities.


The Jai Kisan Series comes in five new categories –
ValueMaxx LoadMaxx
AgMaxx InfraMaxx

While the VALUEMAXX is the variant for basic agricultural purposes, the LOADMAXX and AGMAXX variants specialize in haulage-based applications and specialized Agri-applications respectively. The SUPERMAXX series is ideal for all types of agriculture and non-farming purposes besides offering add-on applications for dual needs whereas, the INFRAMXX variant would specialize in infrastructure-based applications. The 'Jai Kisan Series is currently available in the FARMTRAC line of Escorts tractors.

Product Potfolio
  • Escorts Agri Machinery has three recognized and well-accepted tractor brands, which are on distinct and separate technology platforms.
  • Farmtrac: World Class Premium tractors, with single reduction and epicyclic reduction transmissions from 34 to 75 HP.
  • Powertrac: Utility and Value-for-money tractors, offering straight-axle and hub-reduction tractors from 34 to 55 HP. India's No.1 economy range – engineered to give spectacular diesel economy.
  • Escort: Economy tractors having hub-reduction transmission and twin-cylinder engines from 27 to 35 HP. Pioneering brand of tractors introduced by Escorts with unbeatable advantages.
Fuctional Excellence
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International Subsidiaries
  • Escorts AMG has one international subsidiary.
  • Farmtrac Tractors Europe Sp.z Poland.
  • We now cater to 41 countries.


Beyond manufacture, Escorts has made substantial investments towards the modernisation of farm technology. The Escorts Training & Development Centre (ETDC) at Bangalore is a unique center where training is imparted in operation, maintenance and repair of farm machinery. It is among the few institutions of its kind in the world. Its programs are aimed at encouraging customers, dealers, engineers, mechanics as well as the field staff of Escorts, towards meeting its objective of enhancing agricultural productivity and improving quality of life in rural India.



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