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Escorts Knowledge Management CentreThe Escorts Knowledge Management Centre, set up in 1976, has a history of over twenty-nine years. It is spread over 100000 Sq M (23 acre) area. It is equipped with modern facilities set up with an investment of over US $ 7.5 million.

It designs the entire tractor, defined as engine, transmission plus hydraulic systems and Vehicle design consisting of sheet metal (including styling) plus controls and accessories.

Virtual prototypes of components and aggregate assemblies are made and assembled on computer workstations using 3D technology. The performance is checked on computers using simulation techniques thus saving a lot of time for the end-user as well as lowering development costs. The KMC uses advanced 3D-modeling, analysis and simulation software for engines, transmissions and vehicles. Physical prototypes are then extensively tested for performance, durability and reliability.

The facilities include a high-technology engine laboratory featuring fully computerized test beds with online control, data acquisition and analysis. We can test engine emissions for meeting the Bharat TREM norms, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) norms and European (Euro) norms. Additional capabilities of the engine lab are engine performance, durability, reliability, tribology and fluid dynamics studies. An advanced vehicle testing laboratory includes fatigue testing, dynamometer testing for chassis and power-take-off, and smooth as sell as torture test tracks. Other facilities include Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Lab., Metrology Lab., and Materials Engineering Lab. Product styling is carried out in a computerized virtual environment, which is supported by a model-making shop for physical prototypes.

In addition to multi purpose tractors ranges, a variety of special-purpose tractors have been developed for industrial applications as also non-agricultural applications like Haulage, Airport, potato and vineyard cultivation.

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