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Logo rationale:
A hexagonal nut (in red) representing a geometric perfection. The nut has been a functional device that has stayed at the core of mankind's engineering adventures. In spite of modern technologies coming in, it still remains unarguably a symbol of technology and all that holds it together. Locked into the nut is a spanner (in white), the turning force for the symbol of technology. The two pictorial elements are configured together to form an 'E', a pneumonic for Escorts.

A doctrine of corporate and engineering openness, the Escorts logo allows an aisle, a pathway through which new ideas can walk in any time freely, giving Escorts the character to listen and absorb new and fresh thoughts.

The symbol with its three meanings makes a rebus or visual pun and is rendered in red, the color of energy and dynamism. Every time it is used, it represents the Escorts seal of quality and excellence.

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