Tested for longer operations, our engines meet standard norms set by the industry. With minimum operation costs, our engines ensure to match the quality parameters available in the global market. Since inception, journey of engineering excellence remains in our top priorities which assist us to offer world class diesel engines.

For this State-of-the art Advanced Direct Injection (ADI) technology is used which are much more fuel efficient than DI engines. Backed by over two decades of experience in refining these engines, what we offer now is generations ahead in ADI technology.

By introducing wet replaceable liners, the extended engine life has been ensured that also guarantees low lubricant oil consumption. With efficient cooling mechanism, our engines offer hassle free operations.


  • High Power
  • Quick Start
  • Low smoke emission
  • High reliability with longer life
  • Low noise and vibration level
  • Easy and low maintenance

Technical Advantages

  • Air entrance to engine is helical i.e. rotation for good combustion of diesel and air
  • Re-entrant type piston combustion chamber
  • Ring carrier and side drain piston
  • Cross flow design of air
  • A-1 mechanical governor
  • Dry type air cleaner
  • No smoke after full combustion of diesel, hence there's less consumption of diesel

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