Hydra 1242

Hydra 1242

Hydra 1242

12T Crane with 42 ft. boom


Simpson S-433 Four Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel Engine Rated power for crane 49 BHP @ 2200 RPM (Max continuous engine rating 59 HP @ 2300 RPM) or equivalent


Heavy duty transmission developed specially for crane application. Sliding Mesh, spur teeth gearbox. Six forward and two reverse speeds with high and low selector lever

Fuel Efficient

Fuel Efficient with two work modes – Power & Economy

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Optional Accessories

  • Fly jib : 2.3m length
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Steering Wheel
  • Over Hoist & Over Load Cut off
  • Safe load indicator with hydraulic cut off

Technical Parameters



  • Escorts E4.286, Four Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel Engine Rated power 50 BHP @ 2200 RPM.


  • Heavy duty transmission developed especially for crane application. Sliding mesh gearbox coupled with straight drive axle. Six forward and Two reverse speeds with High/ Low selector lever


  • Articulated power steering, hydraulically controlled through two double acting jacks Upto 56º on either side 6.5 m


  • Front 10..00 x 20 - 16 PR (Four Nos.). Inflation pressure 110-115 PSI
  • Rear 13.00 x 24 - 12 PR (Two Nos). 35PSI with Water Ballasted


  • Luffing Angle 2deg to 60deg
  • Telescoping Heavy duty, Three part box type hydraulically operated
  • Type Slotted Boom with Rope Compensation
  • Derricking Through double acting jacks

Hoist Mechanism

  • Four falls, hydraulic winch . Rope dia 13 mm. Non - Rotating Type


  • Fuel Tank- 45 ltrs . Hydraulic Tank- 65 ltrs.

Safety System

  • Overload audio warning system
  • Cylinder guard for protection
  • Rope Compensation for auto leveling
  • Hose failure protection device
  • Safety brakes on hoist

Standard Accessories

  • All weather cabin
  • Lift Cylinder Guard
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Reflectors
  • Turn & Reverse lamp

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