Increased Productivity with Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Electronic optimization of the Hydraulic system with the improved Doosan Engine.

  • Fuel Efficient Doosan Engine.
  • Intelligent Hydraulics
  • 9 spools for quick & efficient operations + extra spool for attachment
  • Range of Buckets(0.93 – 2 cu.m)

Technical Parameters



  • Model – DOOSAN DB58TIA Water-Cooled, 4-Cycle, Direct Injection, Turbocharged
  • Number of Cylinders – 6
  • Rated Flywheel horse power – 110kw (148HP) @1950 RPM (SAEJ1349)

Under Carriage

  • Upper Rollers – 2
  • Lower Rollers – 9
  • Shoes – 49

Hydraulic Cylinders

  • The Piston rods and cylinder bodies are made of high-strength steel. A shock absorbing mechanism is fitted in all cylinders to ensure shock-free operation and extended Piston life.

Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank - 400l
  • Cooling System (Radiator Capacity) - 24l
  • Engine Oil – 25l
  • Swing Drive Gear Oil - 5l
  • Travel Drive (each) Gear oil – 2 x 303l
  • Hydraulic Tank - 140l


  • Triple Grouser - 21500kg

Hydraulic System

  • The heart of the system is the e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System). It allows the efficacy of the system to be optimized for all working conditions and minimized fuel consumption.

Swing Mechanism

  • An axial piston motor with 2-stage planetary reduction gear is used for the swing .
  • Increased swing torque reduce swing time.
  • Internal induction –hardened gear.
  • Internal gear and pinion immersed in lubricant bath.
  • The swing brake for parking is activated by spring and released hydraulically.


  • Each track is driven by and independent axial piston motor through a 3 stage planetary reduction gearbox.
  • Two levers control pedals guarantee smooth travel with counter-rotation on demand.

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