The DX360LCA and is engineered for tough and heavy work conditions which demand massive forces over long working hours.

Doosan DE12TIS Engine

The powerful DOOSAN DE12TIS engine, coupled with the intelligent e-EPOS controlled Hydraulic system gives the DX360LCA exceptional power and unmatched fuel efficiency.

Technical Parameters



  • Model – DOOSAN DE12TIS
  • Type – 4-Cycle ATA Intercooler in-line
  • Number of Cylinders – 6
  • Rated Flywheel horse power – 195kw (262HP) @1800 RPM (SAEJ 1995), 185kw (247HP) @1800 RPM (SAEJ 1349),

Under Carriage

  • Upper Rollers – 2
  • Lower Rollers – 9
  • Shoes – 48

Hydraulic Cylinders

  • The Piston rods and cylinder bodies are made of high-strength steel. A shock absorbing mechanism is fitted in all cylinders to ensure shock-free operation and extended piston life.

Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank - 550l
  • Cooling System (Radiator Capacity) - 340l
  • Engine Oil – 28l
  • Swing Drive Gear Oil - 6l
  • Travel Drive (each) Gear oil – 2 x 5.5l
  • Hydraulic Tank - 380l


  • Triple Grouser - 35.1 Ton

Hydraulic System

  • The heart of the system is the e-EPOS (Electronic Power Optimizing System). It allows the efficacy of the system to be optimized for all working conditions and minimized fuel consumption.
  • The hydraulic system enables independent or combined operations.
  • Cross-sensing pump system for fuel savings.
  • Button control of flow in auxiliary equipment circuits.
  • Computer-aided pump power control.

Swing Mechanism

  • High torque, axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear bathed in oil. Swing circle in single row , shear type ball bearing with induction – hardened internal gear. Internal gear and piston gear immersed in lubricant.
  • Swing speed – 0 to 8.9 rpm
  • Max. Swing Torque – 11,660 kgf.m


  • Each track is driven by and independent axial piston motor through planetary reduction gear. Two levers or foot pedal control provides smooth travel or counter-rotation upon demand.
  • Travel Speed (fast/slow) – 3.1/4.7 km/hr
  • Maximum traction force - 27.0/15.1 ton
  • Gradeability - 70% (350)

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