1.5T to 3.0 T Diesel & LPG

Comes with safety features like Weight Scale Indicator. Machine above 3ton Comes with Doosan Engine & Transmission. Machine clocked 25k-35k hours , Engine & Tranmission still in good condition


"59 Hp(Diesel) - Yanmar Make Engine (Japan) or 62 Hp(LPG) - Hyundai / Mitsubishi Make

Most Fuel Efficient Work Horse Engines in the offering.


Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes - Brakes which requires virtually no maintenance. Jerk Free Braking , Minimum Braking Distance, No - Replacement of shoe brakes or drum brakes for a lifespan of 15000 hours. - Safety of men & material


One of the most productive machines, with respect to a complete pallet lifting cycle - With maximum lifting speed & product movement offered per litre of fuel consumed.

Technical Parameters


The GX series is defined by its following features

  • Powerful 3.3 lit diesel engine or 2,4 lit LPG engine
  • Economical Shoe Brake
  • Efficient Dual element air cleaner
  • Reliable powershift Transmission

The Model for Choice

  • Gx-Series : 1.5 Ton to 3.0 Ton in LPG & Diesel
  • Diesel Model : D15G, D18G, D20G, D25G, D30G
  • LPG Model : G1G, G18G, G20G, G25G, G30G

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