Hydra -12 HD

Hydra -12 HD

Hydra-12 HD

This hydra model is equipped with an escorts four cylinder water cooled engine that requires a service interval after 500 hours, thereby saving cost.


Heavy Duty Structure


Straight Axle - Disc Brakes


Self compensating snatch block for auto levelling of roads

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Technical Parameters


Rated Capacity

  • 12T @1.9m radius
  • 2.5T @8.4m radius


  • Escorts AE4.312-3A Four Cylinder, water cooled Diesel Engine, developing 49.5 HP @ 2200 RPM or equivalent


  • Drive - 2 Wheel Drive
  • Type- Heavy duty transmission developed specially for crane application. Constant Mesh gearbox coupled with straight drive axle. 08 forward and 02 reverse speeds with High/ Low selector lever
  • Max. Speed- 29 km/hr (unladen)
  • Creep Speed- 1.9 km/hr - ideally suited for crane operations (with load)
  • Clutch- Single plate, heavy duty type


  • Type- Articulated power steering, hydraulically controlled through two doubling acting jacks
  • Articulation- up to 55°
  • Turning radius- 6.5 m

Hooist Mechanism

  • Hoist- Hydraulic Winch. Four falls. Rope dia 13 mm


  • Front Wheel- Pneumatic assisted hydraulic brakes.
  • Rear Wheel- Disc brakes actuated through a slave cylinder.
  • Parking- Hand operated mechanically actuated at rear wheels.

Hydraulic System

  • Pump- Vane type Hydraulic Pump
  • Control Valve- 4 spool control valve with built in pressure relief valve and precision control.
  • Hydraulic Filter- Suction line has a 100 mesh inline strainer while return line has 25 microns full flow filter.

Electrical System

  • Type-12V Single Battery, Negative earth


  • Fuel Tank: 45 litre
  • Hydraulic Tank: 65 litre

Overall Dimensions

  • Length- 10600 mm
  • Width- 2500 mm
  • Height- 3100 mm
  • Opeation Weight

    • 10600 kg


    • Telescoping- Heavy duty, 3 part box type hydraulically operated
    • Derricking- Through double acting Jacks


    • Front-11.00x20-16PR (4 Nos.), inflation pressure operations (with load) 110-115 PSI
    • Rear- 13.00x24-12PR (2 Nos.), inflation pressure 35 PSI (Water Ballasted)


    • Front-1930 mm
    • Rear- 1680 mm

    Safety Devices

    • New Overload audio warning system
    • Safety brake on hoist
    • Cylinder guard for protection
    • Counter balance protection valve in the lift line against hose burst
    • Visual warning against parking brakes on

    Under the standard Accessories

    • All weather cabin
    • Lift cylinder guard
    • Front Bumper
    • Rear view mirror
    • Reflectors
    • Turn & Reverse lamp

    Optional Accessories

    • Fly jib
    • Steering Wheel
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Safe load indicator
    • Over Hoist & hydraulic cut off kit
    • Spark Arrestor
    • Air Brakes on Front Wheels
    • Air Conditioned cabin
    • 14X24 Heavy Duty Tyres
    • Extra hooks

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