Technical Parameters


Pro5 series has been developed based on 5 "s" core competencies of operator preference and performance

  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Stable
  • Smart
  • Stylish

Doosan forklifts aids in overall productivity & lowers the operating cost with features such as

  • Optimized operator comfort
  • High –powered , fuel efficient engines
  • Virtually maintenance free – oil cooled disc brakes
  • Vast spectrum of models to choose from

Pro5-Series – 1.5 Ton to 16.0 Ton in Diesel

  • Diesel Model:D15S-5, D18S-5, D20S-5, D25S-5, D30S-5, D33S-5, D35C-5, D40SC-5, D45SC-5, D50SC-5, D55SC-5, D60S-5, D70S-5, D80S-5, D90S-5, D110S-5, D130S-5, D160S-5

Pro5-Series – 1.5 Ton to 7.0 Ton in LPG

  • LPG Model:G15S-5, G18S-5, G20P-5, G25P-5, G30P-5, G33P-5, G35C-5, G40SC-5, G45SC-5, G50SC-5, G55SC-5, G60S-5, G70S-5

Pro5-Series – 1.5 Ton to 5.0 Ton in ELECTRIC [Four Wheel Truck]

  • Electric Model:B15S-5, B18S-5, B20S-5, B25S-5, B30S-5, B32S-5, B35X-5, B40X-5, B45X-5, B50X-5

Pro5-Series – 1.5 Ton to 2.0 Ton in ELECTRIC [Three Wheel Truck]

  • Electric Model:B15T-5, B18T-5, B20T-5

Pro5-Series – 1.3 Ton to 2.5 Ton in ELECTRIC [Warehousing Truck]

  • Electric Model: BR13S-7, BR15S-7, BR18S-7, BR20S-7, BR25S-7 – Standing Type Trucks
  • Electric Model: BR13J-5, BR14JW-5, BR15J-5, BR16JW-5, BR18J-5 – Sitting Type Trucks

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