RT- 30

RT- 30

RT 30

RT Cranes are multipurpose cranes, designed to handle material in all three planes / along three axes. The cranes are highly stable on finished surface and also on rough terrain. Green field projects where the terrain is levelled/ finished only after a particular stage, RT cranes provide a safe solution. Lifting areas with limited scope of accessibility find the right fit in these cranes because of the short wheel base, 360 degree continuous slew, all wheel steer & crab steering.


Excellent Lifting Capacity


Suitable to travel on un-even terrain due to all wheel drive.


Works in a confined area due to all wheel steering

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Optional Accessories

  • 8.5 m lattice boom extension.
  • High tension warning device
  • Air conditioner
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cab heater & demiser
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Fog lights
  • Cold climate kit
  • Digital data recorder

Technical Parameters


Lifting Capacity

  • 32 T @ 3 m radius on fully extended outriggers.


  • Suitable water cooled diesel engine of adequate horse power.


  • Power shift with built in hydraulic torque convertor with adequate forward and reverse speeds.

Steering System

  • Fully Hydraulic, 4 steering modes – 2 wheel (front), 2 wheel (rear), 4 wheel & crab.


  • 13.00 x 25.00 offset disc, earthmover type.


  • 3 Section, Hydraulically telescopic rectangular box type boom.

Hoist Mechanism

  • Hydraulic motor driven planetary gear box type.8/9 falls with 16 mm rope diameter.

Operation Weight

  • 28,300 Kgs.

Safety Devices

  • Pressure relief valve in main hydraulic circuit
  • Derricking through single cylinder with Integral pilot operated safety brake valves for controlled lowering.
  • Electronic safe load indicator
  • Over hoist limit switch with hydraulic cutoff in the event of over hoisting of snatch block.
  • Counter balance valve to provide controlled derricking and hoisting operation under load.
  • Free-wheeling safety device for automatic alignment of boom over the load 360 deg. Continuous slew.
  • Safety valves in all hydraulic cylinders for protection against pipe and hose ruptures.

Standard Accessories

  • All weather cabin
  • Rear View mirror
  • Turn & reverse lamp
  • Diver adjustable seat with seat belt
  • Cabin interior light & fan
  • Tyre inflator

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