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COVID - 19

Ministry of Home Affairs has recently passed a directive for retail and service/ parts of agri machinery to remain exempt from the lockdown. This has bene done so that we can continue to serve the farmers of the nation; so farmers in turn can ensure uninterrupted food supply.

Dealerships that have resumed activities or will be doing soon, it is absolutely paramount that all hygiene and health safety related precautions are met at your premises. Government agencies have issued various advisories in this regard. We strongly suggest you ensure all these advisories are followed. The Escorts Construction Equipment division is extending warranty by 2 months on all machines whose warranty and free service was due to expire between March 15th – April 15th 2020. This is absolutely free of cost.

Download the guidelines

  • EAM Dealers Guidelines
  • ECE Dealers Guidelines

Watch the film to ensure your safety during Covid-19.