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Escorts brings Glamour to the Tractor World

On its way to Image Leadership, Escorts unveils Ferrari - the world’s best in specialty tractors, and the All-New, premium Farmtrac Executive Series

Escorts Limited today announced the launch of two new premium tractors - Ferrari, the world’s best for specialty farming, and the All-New Farmtrac Executive series. With world-class technologies, impressive features, and stunning looks – these new tractors are set to revolutionize the Indian tractor market.

Ferrari brings tractor technologies to India that the country has never seen before. These include the all four equal-sized wheels, oscillating chassis system, all-time 4 wheel-drive, front-engine mounting for super-low turning radius and an ideal weight distribution. Starting with a 26 HP model suited for the advanced needs of Indian orchard and vineyard growers, the Ferrari is now available in Maharashtra and soon will be extended for sales in rest of the country.

The All-New Farmtrac Executive tractor series is aimed at the young aspirational Indian farmer. Farmtrac, known since last 40 years for its power and prestige, now packs in the new Executive series impressive world-class features, stunning looks and a car-like driving comfort. Independent PTO with a safety device, a new scissor seat with recliner for best driving comfort, stylish fenders for elegant looks, suspended clutch & brake pedals, a digital speedometer, and LED head-lamps add to the glamour quotient of the new Farmtrac Executive series. Available in 45, 50 and 60 horsepower categories, these tractors would be available for bookings within a few weeks from now.