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Escorts Introduces Next Generation “XP Series” Engine

Escorts is one of the leading tractor manufacturers that has redefined farm mechanization with path breaking technology innovations. The most recent ones being the Executive & Euro Series and Ferarri launches which set a new benchmark for comfort, aesthetics and performance has introduced the next generation “XP Series” Engine in the market.

Currently Indian farmers use tractors for a variety of applications and each application calls for different engine RPM (rotations per minute) for the optimal power and fuel performance. For example – for heavy haulage (1200-2200rpm), rotavator (1600-1800), thresher (1400-1800), planter (1300-1500) or even a small water pump (1200). But all engines are not capable to deliver optimum power and fuel efficiency across the entire RPM range and they are optimized for a very narrow RPM range.