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Escorts launches India’s First Anti Lift Tractor

Escorts has brought in a series of innovations to redefine the tractor market. Their Powertrac Euro series has created new standards in aesthetics & comfort. Through XP Engine Series, Escorts has created benchmarks in fuel efficiency. Now Escorts is launching a new category of tractors called “ANTI LIFT TRACTORS”.

Tractors in general are usually vulnerable because of their front Lift nature, resulting in reduced or no steering of front wheels. This endangers the safety of the driver and results in considerable damage which increases the maintenance cost for the owner.

Escorts R&D has developed an innovative technology through series of path breaking measures such as shifting the center of gravity and hitch point forward, unique hub-reduction transmission, increased wheel base, heavy front axle, stiffener bars and plates, custom-designed 85kg front bumpers and high-intensity extra front lamps. These features considerably improve the front Lift resistance capability of the tractor.