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Escorts launches India's First Executive Tractor

FARMTRAC, a leading tractor brand from the Escorts stable, has recently announced the launch of two new tractor models, 6060 and 6065 – India’s first ‘Executive’ Tractors. Available in 60HP and 65HP, these tractors are designed to cater to the progressive, new-age Indian farmers, who are smart, educated, have an entrepreneurial bent of mind, and have adopted farming as a business of their choice.

The new Farmtrac 6060 and 6065 are modern technological tools that can ease farming operations, reduce dependency on labor and foster efficiencies of cost and time. The products offer style, power and versatility, thereby helping farmers produce more, earn more and save more. These smart solutions have been introduced keeping in mind the needs of today’s farmer who wants to do more in the least possible time.

As part of a nation-wide launch campaign, FT 6060 and FT 6065 were recently introduced in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Both Farmtrac 6060 and 6065 come with a new four-cylinder turbocharged, intercooled engine that delivers higher torque to run larger implements and pull heavier loads. The tractors are offered in two transmission options – a modern 24-speed Syncroshuttle Gearbox providing versatility to do multiple tasks – and, a heavy-duty 8+2 speed Epicyclic transmission delivering high reliability in toughest of conditions. Furthermore, the tractors are equipped with the latest 4-wheel drive technology which ensures full utilization of engine power allowing these tractors to perform bigger tasks in the least time. These new tractors provide for an in-line fuel injection pump, which unlike the rotary pumps used by the competition, stays unaffected by adulterated fuel and is the preferred customer choice.