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Escorts Union Sign Agreement on Employee Welfare

Escorts-Workers Long Term Agreement lays Foundation for Robust Growth

New Delhi, 2 September, 2013: Continuing with the spirit and tradition of Company-Employee harmonious collaboration that have been maintained over the years, Escorts Limited, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, today signed a long term agreement on for the period 2013-16.

The agreement has a host of measures that ensure continued growth and welfare for employees and is an essential component of the future strategies of the company.

AEEU President Mr.Mool Chand Sharma, General Secretary Mr. V S Dagar and Treasurer Mr. Surinder Lal worked with the Company team to work out the framework for the future.

According to Mr. Sharma, “This is an important day for the company as we have laid the foundation for the company’s growth with a strong and happy workforce. We are very delighted that the company continues to put its employee first and is attentive to their needs and growth prospects in such tough economic times. As the company grows from strength to strength, each employee is totally committed to taking Escorts to the goal of industry leadership.”

Echoing the sentiments, Mr Ishan Mehta, Executive Vice President – HR & ER said, “There is no doubt that Escorts’ biggest strength is our strong, supportive employee force. Over the years, we have battled with the toughest of situations because we could bank on the unstinting support of the team. I am delighted that we have been able to create the foundation of continuous harmonious partnership that will take the company to new heights.

The new agreement offers a range of welfare measures including housing, healthcare, family benefits and loan assistance for employees apart from agreeing on various compensation and increment parameters.

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