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Namibian Government Procures 28 Farmtrac Tractors

Escorts Limited is the first tractor manufacturing company from India to have supplied Farmtrac tractors along with farm equipment to Republic of Namibia in recent past. The first consignment of 28 tractors arrived at site which was then decided by Government of Namibia that this first consignment is to be meant for economic empowerment of esteemed war veterans and potential upcoming farmers in the northern belt of country. This northern belt is considered to be the best, agricultural arable land of the country. Currently, Ministry of Agriculture at federal as well as state levels are keenly focussing on green scheme across Namibia to ensure food sufficiency for the people.

Mr. Amit Razdan, Regional Manager, Escorts Agri Machinery, along with Mr. Karl Likuwa, Director Mechanical Training Institution, Ondangwa, Namibia (Escorts’ Distributors) handed over the first lot of tractors to war veterans and local farmers in the presence of local people and the press.