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Dare to Imagine, Dare to Dream, Dare to think Differently

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspires young Escortians to think big and work hard to accomplish wonders.

New Delhi, April 8, 2014: Escorts Limited, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, yesterday hosted Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, at its corporate office in Faridabad. Dr. Kalam addressed and interacted with the employees and also visited the Engine Test Laboratory at the Escorts’ Knowledge Management Centre.

Taking the podium, Dr. Abdul Kalam began his talk by congratulating Escorts for its contribution to the industry and for its innovations. The main thread of his talk was the role of leadership in the development of the nation. He firmly believes that the role of leadership in 21st century is all about empowering with knowledge, working in synergy, empowering teams, adopting a customer-first approach and promoting creativity. Leaders who work with integrity will act as promoters of good culture and will be able to drive innovation.

Speaking to a gathering largely comprising of young Escorts’ engineers along with Mr. Rajan Nanda, Mr. Nikhil Nanda and divisional heads, Dr. Kalam encouraged young people to imagine, dream and think differently. According to Dr. Kalam every young individual should have a vision for themselves and to achieve that one should continuously acquire knowledge, work hard and learn to defeat problems.

While taking a tour of product display and the Engine Test Laboratory, Dr. Kalam also highlighted the contours of Escorts’ future planning. He stressed on designing and developing new machines, Corporate Contract Farming, need for solar powered tractors and enhancing international presence. Dr. Kalam engaged the enthusiastic Escortians in an interactive discussion concerning the responsibility of youth to live with a mission in their lives.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rajan Nanda, Chairman, Escorts Ltd., said “As aptly stated by Dr. Kalam, the Indian economy today is driven by knowledge. We must empower and ignite young minds to build a competitive culture. If the youth can follow his simple advice, they can build a safe and progressive nation driven by passion, knowledge and technology.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director, Escorts Ltd., said “It is an honour to host Dr. Kalam at Escorts today. Every minute of the duration that we have spent with Dr. Kalam has enlightened and inspired us to think, innovate and create. Innovation and Leadership is part of our DNA and defines everything we do at Escorts. As highlighted by Dr. Kalam, we believe in nurturing beautiful minds who will be the leaders of tomorrow and will not only lead Escorts but the Country as well to achieve the greatest.”