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Escorts announces results of Q2 FY13

H1 EBIDTA up by 31%; PAT up by 103%

Escorts Ltd announced its reviewed financial results for second quarter and half year ended March, 31st 2013 at its recent Financial Result Committee.

The result summary is as follows:

  • PAT in H1FY13 up by 103% at Rs. 65.6 crore compared to Rs. 32.3 crore in H1FY12
  • EPS in H1FY13 up by 137% at Rs. 5.5 compared to Rs. 2.7 in H1FY12
  • Net sales in H1 FY13 down by 1.4% to Rs. 2028.8 crore compared to Rs. 2056.7 crore in H1FY12
  • EBITDA in H1 FY13 up by 31% at Rs. 107.3 crore compared to Rs. 81.6 crore in H1FY12