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Escorts brings Farmtrac Heritage Series to South Africa

New Delhi, May 14, 2014: Escorts Limited, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, today announced the launch of its most effective Farmtrac Heritage range at South Africa’s biggest agriculture show, NAMPO 2014. The Heritage range, after receiving tremendous response in last year’s “Agritechnica” at Hanover (Europe), is now being introduced in South Africa. With world-class technologies, impressive features, and exquisite looks – these simple and efficient new tractors which range between 50 HP to 75 HP, are set to bring about generational change in the tractor markets of South Africa.

The ergonomically engineered Farmtrac Heritage series (6050, 6060, 6075) available both in 2WD as well as 4WD variants, are the most fuel efficient tractors in their class. Escorts Limited brings in a stunning mix of Indian engineering excellence and world class designs with these products. The new offering is aimed at driving a revolution in the under-served small HP farm market through world class, competitively price products.

South African tractor industry today stands at 6000 units a year which includes tractors up to 450HP. Out of these, Indian tractors in operation range between 35 to 90HP category. Escorts Limited aims to leverage this segment by their new Farmtrac Heritage product line which is classic, simple and highly efficient. The Heritage series has been designed with great cognition and is ideal for small farmers who seek maximum productivity along with harvest benefits. This sub 80 HP segment has a total market of roughly 70,000 tractors annually and with Farmtrac, Escorts aims to acquire 10% of market share by 2020.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Chief International Business, Escorts Agri Machinery said, “We are delighted to have launched our futuristic Farmtrac Heritage line in South Africa. We believe in innovative engineering to bring about dynamic changes in the farm sector all across the globe and aspire to become the leaders in designing tractors in sub 80 HP segment. South Africa is poised to be a trend setter for other African countries and it is a key market area for us. The new age farmer in South Africa will find the Heritage line extremely alluring”.

Added Mr. Sanjay Kapote, Chief Strategy - International Business, Escorts Agri Machinery, “By launching the Farmtrac Heritage range, Escorts showcases its strong footprint in this segment in South Africa. Looking at the evolving market and customer inclination towards auxiliary category, we are confident that the potential buyers will invest in our tractor. Our machines are a perfect mix of advanced technology and affordable pricing. Going forward we would continue to bring more market apt products that will ensure greater prosperity for farmers in the African region.”

Escorts has been serving the South African tractor markets since the last 15 years in partnership with DICLA FARM AND SEEDS P LTD. It has a wide distribution and service network across the country.

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