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Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd (ECEL) Launches TRX Series of Pick-n-Carry Cranes in the 23T, 17T and 16T Category

ECEL, a subsidiary of Escorts Limited and a leader in the Indian Construction and Material handling Equipment Industry, today launched TRX Series of Pick-n-Carry Cranes in the 23T (TRX 2319), 17T (TRX 1713) and 16T (TRX 1614) category in EXCON 2007.

TRX Series Cranes are packed with features and attributes which are desirable for the end customers. Some of its key attributes are

High Lifting capacity - 23T, 17T and 16T. TRX 2319 is the largest articulated Pick-n-Carry in the world

Faster Speed - Travel at faster (up to 40 km/hr) on its own power thus make it an ideal solution for hirers and contractors who need to reach from one site to another in reasonable time

Boom height of 21.5 m. This is an additional advantage for contractors/construction companies involved in erection and commissioning of huge projects as they would be able to combine the lifting prowess with the boom height advantage

Centrally / Front Mounted Cabins for improved visibility and placement of load

Hydrostatic Transmission in TRX 2319 (again a first time in these type of cranes), keeping global aspirations in operation ease and precision mind

All the tyres are of same size for better interchangeability

ECEL has been a pioneer in Pick-n-Carry Cranes and it has always come out with new products and innovations in line with the customer needs. With the launch of new TRX series, Escorts will take the process of innovations forward and maintain leadership.

TRX series cranes have been designed while keeping in mind the requirement of handling heavier loads to higher heights due to scaling-up of construction and infrastructure projects and to meet the global operational and safety standards. Further, because of the enhanced features and safety, these cranes will also find acceptance in market outside India. We being the leader would like to maintain our position by continuously adding values to our customer requirements.

In another development, a partnership with Alpha Services, leading manufacturers and pioneers of Mobile Tower Cranes in India, ECEL will exclusively be marketing its range of mobile tower cranes. The under-hook height of 39mts available in this range is the highest in the country in Mobile Tower crane segment. They are self-erecting and self-folding through a cable remote and are available in tow able/Self propelled versions.

ECEL is a subsidiary of Escorts and a dominant player in the Material Handling, Construction Equipment and Road Construction Equipment sectors. With over three decades of presence, ECEL is the pioneers and the largest manufacturers of the Pick-n-Carry Cranes worldwide. It has a wide range of products like Pick-n-Carry Cranes, Slew Cranes, Loaders, Vibratory Soil Compactors and Tandem Vibratory Rollers. The recent launch will further strengthen its position in the market.