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Escorts Introduces Bogie Mounted Brake System for Indian Railways

For over four decades, Escorts has been committed to introducing the latest and technologically advanced products in Indian Railways. Keeping in line with this commitment, Escorts Railway Products has recently introduced Bogie Mounted Brake System (BMBS) for freight cars.

Escorts-make BMBS is based on the floating concept of braking supported by the four-bar mechanism concept. The system is designed for higher rigging efficiency and reduced number of components, for achieving better brake force on all the wheels. The system is also equipped with Hand Brake Mechanism.

Escorts has supplied BMBS system for 160 wagons as per first developmental order. The fitment of Escorts-make BMBS system started in January at one of India’s largest wagon manufacturing companies, M/S BSCL Kolkata.

The wagons fitted with Escorts BMBS are already running in field since more than 50 days and performing excellently, as observed during weekly reviews. All the wagons are monitored closely by Indian Railways for performance. With this milestone, Escorts has achieved the distinction of being only the third company acros the globe to have such advanced system for Railroad Freight Braking.

After this successful launch, Escorts Railway Products’ design team is working on the next generation BMBS system, which will match international standards for Bogie Brakes. This new system will be introduced in Indian Railways by the mid of this year.