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Escorts introduces Next Generation “XP Series” Engine

India’s First tractor engine to optimize Power and Fuel Efficiency across a wide range of RPM (1200-2200) for a variety of agri and commercial applications

New Delhi, November 20, 2014: Escorts Ltd, the leading tractor manufacturer recognized and respected for redefining farm mechanization, through a variety of innovations, the most recent ones being the Executive & Euro Series and Ferarri launches which set a new benchmark for comfort, aesthetics and performance has introduced the next generation “XP Series” Engine in the market.

Currently Indian farmers use tractors for a variety of applications and each application calls for different engine RPM (rotations per minute) for the optimal power and fuel performance. For example – for heavy haulage (1200-2200rpm), rotavator (1600-1800), thresher (1400-1800), planter (1300-1500) or even a small water pump (1200). But all engines are not capable to deliver optimum power and fuel efficiency across the entire RPM range and they are optimized for a very narrow RPM range.

The new XP Series Engine is configured to transform the farmer life thru a revolutionary engine. With this revolutionary design engine, farmers can now work across the entire 1200-2200 rpm range without compromising on Power & Fuel Efficiency. Now a customer can use the same tractor to get maximum Power & Fuel Efficiency across any type of agricultural or commercial application.

This breakthrough engine design could be achieved reducing the tension between piston and liner and using graphite coated piston rings to reduce friction and hence power losses. Also the engine power has been optimized with the transmission speeds hence resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency.

The new engines are available in the 37, 41 and 50 HP range of Farmtrac tractors across the entire country with the price range starting from Rs. 4.49 lacs.

Speaking about the technological marvel, Sameer Tandon, Chief Sales Marketing Officer, Escorts Agri Machinery, “Being a technology driven farm solutions provider, we constantly raise the bar through product innovation. India is at a very nascent stage of agri mechanization. Tractor is the only power source for the farmer to cater to all his needs. We understood the farmers need for powerful yet fuel efficient engines and Farmtrac XP Series is crafted to cater to it.”

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