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Escorts launches India’s first Anti Lift Tractor

New category of Powertrac Haulage Tractors for Driver Safety and Owner Savings

Patna, January 8, 2015 : Escorts Ltd, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, has brought in a series of innovations to redefine the tractor market. Their Powertrac Euro series has created new standards in aesthetics & comfort. Through XP Engine Series, Escorts has created benchmarks in fuel efficiency. Now Escorts is launching a new category of tractors called “ANTI LIFT TRACTORS”.

Tractors in general are usually vulnerable because of their front Lift nature, resulting in reduced or no steering of front wheels. This endangers the safety of the driver and results in considerable damage which increases the maintenance cost for the owner.

Escorts R&D has developed an innovative technology through series of path breaking measures such as shifting the center of gravity and hitch point forward, unique hub-reduction transmission, increased wheel base, heavy front axle, stiffener bars and plates, custom-designed 85kg front bumpers and high-intensity extra front lamps. These features considerably improve the front Lift resistance capability of the tractor.

This is further complemented with a series of additional attributes that provide ultimate savings for the tractor owner; such as certified fuel-efficient engine, haulage-special low-wear rear tyres, 4-coat high-life yellow paint, long life oil brakes, and 20% bigger fuel tank.

Built around the themes of DRIVER SAFETY and OWNER SAVINGS, the new category of ‘ANTI LIFT TRACTORS' (ALT), made specifically for commercial haulage operators, are available in two models: ALT 4000 and ALT 3500. This is ALT technology version 1.0, which Escorts is planning to extend further to newer versions 2.0 and 3.0 in the long run to bring even more safe, robust and efficient products for this growing segment.

Speaking about this new technological marvel from Escorts, Shenu Agarwal, Vice President, Head of Knowledge Management Centre (R&D), Escorts Agri Machinery, said “With a determination to create tractors of the future that eliminate drudgery from the lives of ordinary Indians, our engineers have understood the pain of haulage customers and designed India’s first comprehensive ANTI LIFT TRACTORS – the new ALT Series by Powertrac. We are proud of being the first company in the country that today is catering to operator safety in its own unique way without compromising on machine profitability. Our Anti Lift Tractor brings freedom from drudgery and life threatening situations for the driver while offering never before value for money to the tractor owner.”

Added Mr. SP Pandey, Chief General Manager & Market Lead – Powertrac, Escorts Agri Machinery: “Anti Lift Tractors from Powertrac once again underline our superior understanding of the customer requirements. No tractor company has endeavored before to ameliorate the hapless driving conditions experienced by the haulage operators, particularly in mining and transportation. Currently, while driving up a gradient, tractor tends to dance with a fully loaded trailer hitched to it, thereby putting the life of driver and his helper in precarious condition. Increased wear & tear and accidents also increase the inefficiencies for the tractor owner. Our ALT 3500 and ALT 4000 tractors will bring an end to all these untold miseries. We are looking forward to unleash a consumer and dealer awareness drive to communicate the idea behind Anti Lift Tractors.”

Aggressively priced new ALT 1.0 tractors come in 37HP and 41 HP and shall be currently available in markets of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

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