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Escorts unveils the new Powertrac ‘Business Tractor’ range in Punjab and Haryana

  • Plans to bring 5 new models and more than 20 variants with the best-in-class combination of power, fuel efficiency and reliability

Chandigarh, December 1, 2012:Escorts Limited, India’s leading tractor manufacturer, today unveiled its all-new POWERTRAC ‘Business Tractor’ range in Punjab and Haryana. The new tractor range, available in 25 HP to 50 HP, offers 5 new models & more than 20 variants and caters to the new emerging ‘commerce-minded’ farmer.

Escorts, which already leads the market in high-end, premium, own-use market with its ‘Farmtrac’ brand, aims to polarize the market through its new POWERTRAC ‘Business Tractor’ range. This new range is aimed at the emerging community of farmers who see the tractor as a ‘money-spinner’ and use it primarily for revenue generation activities in commercial applications like haulage, loading, dozing, digging, land-development, and custom-hiring.

Diesel-engine design, which is at the core of Escorts R&D, has come up with a stunning engine technology which provides 10% extra power and simultaneously 10% savings on fuel. As a result of which the new Powertrac ‘Business Tractor’ range offers not just maximum mileage but also the best-in-class horsepower ratings. Further, the tractors in commercial use are required to work for longer hours and operate heavier and bigger implements. Escorts has therefore designed these tractors by using extraordinary heavy duty components to provide for maximum reliability. The new stylish looks, bigger-sized tyres, a haulage-special flat backend, an advanced ‘TLS’ Hydraulic system, and a heavy-duty gear box further add to their superiority.

Powertrac 4455 BT, the 4-cylinder offering in 50 HP category, has been custom designed keeping in mind the increased proliferation of tractor usage for specialized commercial applications and heavy-duty implements & attachments. Powertrac 425 comes with an integrated top link sensing with heavy hydraulic lift capacity of 1300 Kg and introduces features like cast iron front axle and heavy duty constant mesh gear box makes this the most superior tractor for light haulage applications. Upgraded to 37, 41 and 45 HP categories, the new Powertrac DS-PLUS series gets better on fuel savings and bigger on power, enabling farmers to earn more and save more.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Shenu Agarwal, Head of Marketing, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, “The POWERTRAC range of tractors stand for a unique combination of power, fuel efficiency and reliability that is second to none. This is a result of several years of R&D effort where we have been able to maximize power in our engines while at the same time substantially reducing the fuel consumption. This is an amazing technology, which when combined with usage of most heavy-duty components, brings the best available choice for the commerce-oriented customers. Through this new range of Powertrac Business Tractors, we have only one goal: to get more money in the hands of the farmer through a tractor range that works more, saves more and lasts longer.”

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sameer Tandon, Head of Sales, Services and Spare Parts, Escorts Agri Machinery, said, “The Powertrac ‘Business Tractor’ range shall be available in both Punjab and Haryana within the next 30-60 days. We are in the process of setting up an extensive dealership network for this brand in the states of Haryana and Punjab. In both these states, we see a huge potential for this tractor range where there is a rampant proliferation of tractor usage in commercial and custom-hiring activities. These tractors shall be priced attractively to provide farmers the best value proposition in the popular, mass tractor segment, enabling farmers to further gain on their productivity and return on investment.”