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Farmtrac Ambitions Became Clear at Agritechnica

The ‘new kid on the block’ in European tractors - Farmtrac ­ will use this year’s Agritechnica event to posi>on the brand as a reliable and financially astute alternative to the established badges.

More than €10m of investment in the company’s European research and development programme, and upgrades to its Polish manufacturing facilities, has culminated in new range and model launches at Agritechnica and the unveiling of an ambitious - and well-supported - dealer recruitment drive. This will increase the 100-plus existing Farmtrac dealerships already active in Europe, with an intention of taking a 10% share of the sub-80hp sector across the con>nent.

“Farmtrac is well prepared to enter the European market with a comprehensive offering that provides farmers with a tractor that meets their needs,” says Andrzej Kublik, CEO of Farmtrac.

“With more than 20 tractor makers already seeking a share of the European market, we know the scale of our ambition,” says Mr Kublik. “But we’ve done our research and we believe there’s a good appetite out there for a well-specified, simple-to-operate tractor that’s available with a low total cost-of-ownership.”

Designed and built here in Europe, the award-winning Farmtrac European series uses world-class components drawn from recognised and respected manufacturers such as Perkins Engines, Carraro and ZF transmissions, Bosch controls and other top suppliers, in a line-up that pumps out power of between 33hp and 110hp.

“These are the components you’d choose to build your ideal tractor,” says Mr Kublik. “They’re well-known names, with which farmers and dealers will already be familiar, and which explain the reliability and capability of our new designs.”

Meanwhile, the new Heritage line - for which the max power available is 75hp - provides a classically simple, yet efficient, auxiliary tractor range. “Here’s a tractor that will please any on-farm mechanic, coupled with extreme fuel-efficiency and a three-year warranty. They’re firmly targeted at the larger farm employing 150hp+ tractors, but which needs a smaller, more manoeuvrable auxiliary machine,” Mr Kublik explains.

“What’s most exciting about the Heritage range is its pricing. Where else can you buy a new 50hp tractor for less than €10,000?”

Pricing is just as keen for the European range, with entry-level machines starting at €15,000 and up to €40,000 for the top specification - the flagship 7110 DT (110 HP).

Four tractors will be on display at the event: the Farmtrac Heritage 6075 DT; the Heritage 6050; the 7100 DT (a Tier IIIB offering) and the front-loader equipped 675 DT.

Farmtrac Heritage 6075 DT

With a four-cylinder Kohler-Lombardini at its heart, this 75hp cab-less workhorse offers plenty of power for auxiliary farm tasks. An independent single-speed PTO, coupled with a maximum torque of 300Nm at 1500rpm, and a Cat II linkage lifting 1500kg makes this a useful all-rounder; a standard 8F/2R transmission and optional 12/12 Carraro transmissions with 2400 kg lifting capacity (Farmtrac Heritage 6075 DT Pro version) completes the picture.

Farmtrac Heritage 6050

At a price of just €9,999, Farmtrac expects this 50hp model to generate significant interest. At 47.5hp, it’s just shy of the full 50hp but nonetheless achieves its rated power at 2000rpm. Maximum torque of 200Nm is reached with only 1200rpm from the engine. Height clearance of 2.3m and a sub-4m length gives the 6050 enviable manoeuvrability, making this a strong contender for confined spaces.

Farmtrac 7100 DT (Tier IIIB)

According to the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) in Britain, the 100-120hp tractor sector accounted for 23% of new tractor sales, so Farmtrac’s decision to pitch a new model into this market won’t go unnoticed. Newly Tier IIIB compliant, the 7100 DT benefits from the proven four-cylinder, 4.4l Perkins powerplant and pushes out a healthy 101hp at 2300rpm; that’s matched by a very respectable 384Nm of torque delivered from a relatively low engine speed of just 1400rpm. There’s a robust ZF powershij transmission, offering a 16F/16R speed combination and ably matched to a synchro shunle. At the back end, meanwhile, the choice of Bosch hydraulics achieves a useful lift 4,900kg lifting capacity and a respectable hydraulic flow of 55+30 l/min available through six spools.

Farmtrac 675 DT

With a front-loader as standard equipment, this well-specified model should find its way onto arable and livestock units alike. Another Perkins four-cylinder provides the power, packing a decent 75hp (at 2200rpm) and 294Nm of torque at 1400rpm. The Carraro transmission provides 12 speeds in both directions, again coupled with a synchro shunle for easy shunting, while this time the hydraulic package is from Mita: 2400kg of lift, 34l/min on the flow and a generous provision of four spools. Weight and length make this a firm contender for both field and yard duties, while the mechanical PTO and 4WD engagement (a feature shared with its bigger range companion, above) along with the comfortable, modern and quiet cab, make this an operator favourite.

“We’ve sold more than 8,000 tractors in Europe so far,” points out Mr Kublik. “We’ve a manufacturing capacity, from the Polish plant, of more than 3,000 units per annum. Further range extensions will bring new 80, 90 and 100hp models to market by mid-2015. “We’re currently engaged with Porsche and Carraro Agritalia for design and development of our future most advanced tractor, while we’re also working on our first in-house engine,” reveals Mr Kublik. “It will be a Tier IV CRDi, initially produced in variants up to 100hp.”

Further details of the dealer recruitment programme will also be announced at Agritechnica. Farmtrac has prepared an extensive package to anract and retain quality, knowledgeable and commined dealers to represent and grow the Farmtrac brand across Europe. Key elements include product and technical training, delivered at Farmtrac’s headquarters in Poland; a ‘Service First’ programme, which will make Farmtrac’s service provision an ‘industry best’; an anractive customer management and loyalty programme; full marketing and PR support for dealers, delivered in their local language; financial solutions for both stock and retail funding; and a comprehensive extended warranty programme.

The company sees Germany, Poland, France and the United Kingdom, plus Italy and Spain, as its strongest markets; further east, Turkey and the eastern EU states are also strong contenders. “But these simply reflect the territories where overall tractor sales are greatest,” notes Mr Kublik. “We are a European brand, aiming to have a presence throughout the continent.”

Notes to editors

Farmtrac Tractors Europe was established as a joint venture in Poland in 2000, before becoming a subsidiary of the Escorts Group in 2004. It is Poland’s largest tractor manufacturer and the domestic market leader in the sub-75hp sector.

Escorts Group is India’s largest and oldest tractor manufacturers, with six decades of experience ajer starting out by building tractors for Ford.

November 11, 2013

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