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Sampark – Escorts Service Engineers on the Move

In July 2013, Escorts Construction Equipment flagged off one of its biggest ‘customer connect’ campaigns. Titled Sampark, this national level service campaign had 1,200 Escorts-trained engineers and technicians cover 14,000 machines in the field. Our technicians not only serviced each machine, but also gave the customers useful tips on usage and maintenance.

Through this initiative, we were able to get closer to our customers across the country, have clarity on the status of their machines, understand their need for service and parts support, their new requirements, as well as their level of satisfaction with us. In fact, we have received a number of product enquiries from our existing customers, who were excited to be a part of the campaign.

An excellent construction machine is only as good as the service infrastructure that comes with it. This infrastructure is defined by the speed, efficiency and accuracy with which a repair/maintenance task is carried out, to ensure that the customer’s cost impact is minimal. Escorts has been able to build this kind of infrastructure with the help of a strong dealer network, trained manpower, and ready availability of parts.

Escorts’ dealer network – with combined product support team of 540-plus people spread across 110 locations – is supported by the latest product information and service tools to ensure minimum down time and maximum customer satisfaction. Further, to boost service efficiency, our technicians are provided regular training, so that they have the knowledge and tools to locate and solve troubles well in time.